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A Complete Solution for Advertisers & Publishers

Your Perfect Audience

With multiple data points on each user across all devices, advertisers can reach the precise audiences they are looking for.

True Omnichannel

We support VAST, ORTB and Javascript integrations across Display, Video, CTV and Audio ad formats.

Publishers at Heart

The Bright Exchange monetizes our own set of digital properties as well as many others. Work with us to see how much more you could be making for your content.


Get higher paying CPMs

A true marketplace for publishers, app developers and pretty much any digital content creator to increase their revenue by having access to a large and unique set of advertisers. Get the higher paying, reliable CPMs your content deserves.


So why choose The Bright Exchange?

The reason The Bright Exchange is one of the fastest growing software platforms in advertising is due to our proprietary artificial intelligence technology that connects the highest paying advertisers with exactly the audience they are trying to reach, in real time.

Are you an advertiser looking for a partner with quality, omnichannel inventory?

We work with Ads.txt and Sellers.json publishers, app developers and CTV channels. Get access to top quality supply across multiple formats including banner, video native and audio – across desktop, mobile web, CTV and in-app. The Bright Exchange also has a Prebid header bidding solution. Advertisers can also target by location, device, operating system and of course, ad format.

Trust, but verify…

In addition to built-in integrations with top anti-fraud companies like Pixalate and Protected Media, The Bright Exchange can seamlessly integrate with any creative and IVT scanning tools.

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